Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun with Yahoo! Answers Part III

Okay, this is the last installment of my Yahoo! Answers for the moment. I might make it a regular feature, and also post things I've typed elsewhere in food-related discussions.

An interesting thing about Yahoo! Answers is that it discourages the kind of long threads and back-and-forth debate that happens in other web media. You can only answer a question once (though you can edit your answer). Overall, there are many more limitations on open debate. I don't think this is necessarily good or bad, just different and, for the moment at least, interesting.

So here's a few more:

Q: Do large men in their 50's eat whole new potatoes?

A: I'm sure I've seen it happen myself. YMMV.

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[ There were some other fun responses to this:
"No, only new people are allowed to eat new potatoes. Once you hit 50 you're no longer considered new." (2 Up; 0 down)
"Once we hit 50 we only eat old potatoes." (4 Up; 0 Down)]

 Q: Why do so many in this section insist that 'meat causes cancer' when....?'s been shown over and over that only large scale consumption of red meat is carcinogenic? Why don't you guys mention poultry has zero effect, and fish has turned out to prevent or slow cancer in dietary studies?
I ask after a fat vegetarian acquaintance of mine told me my steak would give me bowel cancer while she sat there drinking half a bottle of wine with her chocolate cake (alcohol is WAY more carcinogenic, as are high GI foods, and extra body fat.) Ignorance, hypocrisy or a little lie to stop animal murder?

A: Because they all read the same veggie propaganda.

Back when I self-identified as vegetarian (and aspired to be vegan), I thought it was nifty that there were at least three strong arguments for it: ethics, ecology, and health. Now I realize that ethics is the only valid reason, the others are based on faulty assumptions and very selective reading of the very imperfect research record in order to fit a particular position. Even with the ethics part, when I followed through and stayed consistent I concluded that it was possible to be an ethical omnivore. Life eats life, and why should my heart bleed more for a steer than for a carrot?

I also formerly bought into the whole John Robbins idea of the Truth -vs- the Evil Meat/Dairy/Egg Lobby. The fact is that the soy-corn lobby is many times bigger and more powerful, and pretty much owns the whole industrial food system. I'm not saying that Robbins is an industry shill, just that the industry does benefit overall from the crusading spirit of people like him. They make a heck of a lot more money processing cheap oil-subsidized commodity crops into the lifeless crap that passes for food than they lose from a few people eating lower on the food chain.

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Q: Why do i get sick every time i eat barbecue?
Every time i eat barbecue i get sick.Whether it be a large headache or vomiting.I have had this experience more than five times each a different restaurant.Ive eaten pulled pork and beef brisket from places like bonos,sonys, and the last time was firehouse subs.Can anyone help me out on this matter.I really enjoyed the firehouse beef brisket sub and i want another one but not at the expense of the hospital.
A: I guess you really like barbecue! Sounds like a reaction to something in the sauce, maybe MSG? If you get the same reaction from a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos that's probably it. Ask if they use it, though they may not know, and MSG can be labeled as "natural flavor." You could also learn to make your own barbecue with a nice cut of meat and sauce from scratch. It will be so much better!
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Q: To non vegetarians here: can you go one meal without eating meat?
I've read people who bitched about a vegan wedding reception, bitched about not eating meat at a vegetarian friend's house, bitched bitched bitched.
So: can you go one meal without eating meat, or is it just soooo terrible?
A: Sure, I do most of the time. But I was vegetarian for some years before I decided to put meat back into my diet deliberately. I usually have some dairy in my meals, but sometimes they're completely vegan.

I think some omnivores are ill-informed about how much they *need* to eat meat, but I also think sometimes they feel threatened and judged by vegetarians and tend to lash back a bit. Also there is the basic "comfort food" thing that goes beyond rational thought, and if you're used to having meat with every meal it can be unsettling to have "something missing." It would be like a health-conscious vegetarian eating just a roll because everything else has meat in it. I know, it happens all the time, but it's not fun, is it?
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