Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hunger Money

Rising food prices are one of the main driving forces behind unrest in Egypt. At the same time, drought conditions in China promise to wreak havoc with global wheat supplies.

It seems like bad news doesn't it? But then again, if you're a commodities trader or an executive or stockholder with a food conglomerate, you're probably making a lot of money right now.

If there is any justice in the world, ADM, Goldman Sachs, and all the rest of the hunger profiteers (privateers?), must cease and desist this kind of harmful speculation.

Furthermore they should surrender their hunger profits to help fund sustainable local food programs around the world.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun with Yahoo! Answers Part III

Okay, this is the last installment of my Yahoo! Answers for the moment. I might make it a regular feature, and also post things I've typed elsewhere in food-related discussions.

An interesting thing about Yahoo! Answers is that it discourages the kind of long threads and back-and-forth debate that happens in other web media. You can only answer a question once (though you can edit your answer). Overall, there are many more limitations on open debate. I don't think this is necessarily good or bad, just different and, for the moment at least, interesting.

So here's a few more:

Fun with Yahoo! Answers Part II

See the background here. Continuing off-the-cuff answers to all kinds of questions on the subject of vegetarianism and veganism on Yahoo! Answers.

Q: My so likes tomato bacon soup. I want to be a vegetarian. Is there a substitute for the bacon that I can use?
He isn't happy that I am choosing to be vegetarian. He said can't you just take out the bacon and eat the soup, but I said no, it permeates the tomato. I am more than happy to make this soup for him with the bacon because being a vegetarian is my choice and I won't tell anyone how to eat, but is there a substitute for the bacon that I can use in the future. I'll make a separate tomato soup without the bacon for myself. Btw-I am very happy deciding to be a vegetarian.
A:  Of course make sure you are making it for him freely and not out of obligation. If you feel any resentment whatsoever kindly ask him to make his own tomato bacon soup! My SO is vegetarian and doesn't usually cook meat for me, but doesn't mind if I do so for myself.

Fun with Yahoo! Answers Part I

This week I've been wasting time trolling the vegetarians over at Yahoo! Answers. Well at least that's what some of them probably think. I think I'm just offering broader perspectives. You see, as a former vegetarian I've read lots of the books, thought through many of the ethical dilemmas, and felt all self-righteous about the Truth of the Vegetarian Way. But I've reevaluated the evidence and come to different conclusions in more recent years.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A New Year

After a couple months off, I figure it's time to dust off the blog, even if I have nothing really important to say. The madness of the world goes on, but my attention has been on more personal matters. It's mid January, the days are getting longer, so my thoughts turn to gardening. What seeds do I need, and where will I get them? What preparation is needed in the garden, and what can I do now?

Fortunately the winter has been moderate in terms of rain and snow, just a little on the cold side, so the soil is not a mudpit. Theoretically I could probably even plant peas right now, but I think I'll wait until March. Besides, the likely designated pea beds have not been dug.